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How To Improve the Product Compatibility in Printed Circuit Board Design?

Dec 16, 2017

When designing electronic circuits, more consideration is given to the actual performance of the product, rather than too much consideration of the electromagnetic compatibility characteristics of electromagnetic interference. In the actual Printed Circuit Board design, the following circuit measures can be adopted.

1.A high frequency decoupling capacitor is set for each integrated circuit. Each electrolytic capacitor should add a small high frequency bypass capacitor on the side of the capacitor.

2.When a tubular capacitor is used, the shell should be grounded.

3.The signal to enter the printing plate shall be filtered.

4.The idle gate input terminals are not suspended, but the corresponding resistance is connected to the power or grounding.

5.It can be used to connect a resistor on the China PCB Board and reduce the change rate of the control signal. 

Printed Circuit Board

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