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General Description of PCB

Dec 20, 2016

PCB, is also called Printed Circuit Board, it is an important electronic components. As it is produced by electronic printing, it is called “printed”circuit board. The raw material of printed circuit board is copper-clad laminates, it used for supporting various electronic components, and it can achieve there their electrical connection or insulation.

After electronic equipment using printed circuit board, due to the consistency of same kind of PCB, avoiding the mistake of hand-wired, and make the electronic components insert, solder, detection automatically, that ensure the quality of electric equipment, increase labor productivity, reduce cost and ease of maintenance.

As PCB developed continuously towards high precision, high density, high reliability direction, dwindle in size, reduce cost, improve performance, that make PCB still maintain a strong vitality in the development of electronic equipment.

Printed Circuit Board

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