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PCB Characteristic

Dec 23, 2016

PCB has wide application because it has many unique advantages:

1. High density. For decades, high density Printed Circuit Board improved and developed with integrated circuit installation technological progress.

2. High reliability. Through series of inspection and testing, ensured that PCB can provide long term and reliable work, usually the use period is 20 years.

3. PCB can be designed. For PCB various performance demand, PCB can achieve design, short time, high efficiency through design standardization and normalization.

4. Productivity. Modern management can be standardized, scaled, automated, to ensure consistency of product quality.

5. Testability. The establishment of integrated test method, test standard,test equipment, can detect and identify PCB eligibility and service life.

6. Assembled. PCB Assembly can proceed automated and large scale production.

7. Maintainability. All PCB products are standard, therefore, once the system break down, you can replace it quickly, easily and flexibly, and restore the system operating.

8. System miniaturization, lightweight and high speed signal transmission.

PCB Assembly

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