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Introduction of PCB Board Types

Dec 28, 2016

There are three types about PCB Board, according to the circuit layer, it classified into single-side board, double-side board and multi-layer boards. Generally common multi-layer board has 4 layer or 6 layer, complex multi-layer up to dozens of layers.

1. Single-side board on the basic PCB, its parts are concentrated on one side and the wires on the other side. Because the wire only appear on one side, the PCB is called single-side board. Designing single-side board wires has many strict restrictions on the circuit, so only the early use this Circuit Board.

2. Double-side boards has wiring on both sides, if you use the wiring, there must be have appropriate circuit connection between the two sides. Because the area of double-side board is twice larger than single-side board, it is more suitable for complicated circuit than single panel.

3. Through the positioning system, insulation bonding material alternating and conductive patterns according to the design requirement of the Printed Circuit Board is known as multi-layer board.

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