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How to Design PCB Board?

Jan 03, 2017

1. According to the circuit function demand to design the schematic diagram, it can reflect Printed Circuit Board important functions and relationship between various components accurately. The design is the first step of producing PCB, also an important step. The design software is PROTEL.

2. After finishing the design of schematic diagram, package to various components by PROTEL to generate and implement the components have same appearance and size. After editing the components package, then execute Edit/Set Preference/pin 1, then Report/Component Rule check.

3. Generating PCB formally, after the network is complete, it is necessary to position each component according to the size of PCB Board and ensure the leads of individual components do not cross when you place. Finally check DRC to out the components of the pin or lead cross error. When the errors are removed, a complete PCB design process is finish.

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PCB Board

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