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What Are The Storage Methods For PCB Board?

Sep 05, 2017

PCB Board is the carrier of electronic components to realize electrical connection, and plays an important role. After the PCB board is finished, it is necessary to store it to avoid damage. There are several storage methods for printed circuit board.

1.Printed Circuit Board need to use colorless gas beads plastic bags vacuum packaging, and packaging bags must be accompanied by the necessary desiccant, and ensure that packaging bags tightly packed. It can not contact with wet air, avoid the PCB surface is oxidized and affect welding, it is not conductive to production.

2.When the PCB is packing, you need to wrap a bubble film around the box, it can play water absorption, moisture proof effect. In addition, a bead can be placed in case of packing.

3.Classify and label PCB boards. After the box is sealed, it must be kept apart from the wall and ground. The box is stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.

4.PCB board storage warehouse temperature would be 23±3℃, 55±10%RH, under this condition, PCB can be stored for 6 months.

5.For PCB which is not use long time, it is best to brush on it in a three layer paint, this way make the PCB storage life increase to 9 months.

In fact, PCB board storage time is related to surface treatment. To do well the PCB storage work, can extend the service life of PCB, it is an ignored problem for PCB Board Manufacturer and others.

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