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How Do You Do The Aging Test in PCBA Machining?

Sep 02, 2017

In PCBA processing we often found that when shipment the function index of PCBA plate is normal, but after a relatively short time, it will be a variety of adverse circumstances. So PCBA products doing aging test is necessary. There has 3 standards to test PCB Assembly aging, according to it, general problems can be found.

1.Low temperature work: place the control board at -10±3℃ temperature for 1 hour. In this condition, should be rated load. In condition of 187V and 253V, procedures operated and should be correct.

2.High temperature work: place the control board at 80±3℃ temperature for 1 hour, in this condition with load, 187V and 253V conditions, all procedures operate and should be correct.

3.High temperature and humidity work: the control panel at temperature 65+3 degrees, humidity 90-95% conditions for 48h, with rated load power running procedures and should be correct.


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