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How to Manufacture PCB?

Jan 05, 2017

1. Taking the completed PCB design with specialized copy paper through the inkjet printer printout. Then compact the side with printed circuit diagram and copper plate and finally put into the heat exchanger for hot printing, copy circuit diagram of ink adhesive to the copper plate through high temperature.

2. Modulating sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide into solution according to ratio of 3:1, then placing the copper plate containing the ink into it, waiting for three or four minutes, after other place get rid of ink was etched completely, then take out the copper plate and clean the solution with clean water.

3. Using machine to punching where need to stay hole on copper plate, and welded components to copper plate by welding tool.

4. After completing welding work, test the whole Printed Circuit Board. If there has any problem in testing, we need to check the first step that design schematic diagram to determine the problem location, then re-welding or replace components. If the test passed, then the entire PCB Board is completed.

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