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The Design Principle of Backplane PCB

Nov 25, 2017

For more cost oriented Consumer PCB, you can weaken the power and ground plane adjacent to reduce the plane impedance way. So as to minimize the wiring layer, reduce the PCB cost. Of course, the cost of this is the presence of signal quality design risks. For the backplane PCB stack design, in view of the common backplane is difficult to achieve adjacent lines perpendicular to each other, inevitably parallel long distance routing. For high speed backplane, the general cascade principle is as follows: 

1.The top plane and the bottom surface are the complete horizon, forming the shielding cavity. 

2.No adjacent layer parallel wiring, to reduce crosstalk or adjacent wiring layer spacing is far greater than the reference plane spacing. 

3.All signal layers are adjacent to the ground plane as far as possible to ensure the complete return channel. 

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