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The Design Principle of PCB Board Anti ESD

Dec 09, 2017

ESD, is Electro-static Discharge, is a natural phenomenon. Its characteristics are long time accumulation, high voltage, low power, short current and short action time. ESD usually does not directly damage electronic products, but it will cause interference, which will cause equipment locking, signal interference, data loss and so on. Therefore, electronic products must do well anti ESD, PCB Board as the basic components of electronic products, it can not be ignored. So how does Consumer PCB resist ESD during the design and production process?

1.In the printed circuit board design, the loop area should be reduced. 

2.Try to use multiple PCB board, because its ground plane, space multi power plane, signal line, ground wire can reduce the mold impedance and inductive coupling, thus reducing ESD.

3.A shorter signal line is used as much as possible, because the long signal line can receive ESD pulse energy. If the components are denser, the inner layer can be used. 

4.We can use clamping diodes CMOS devices or TTL device protect PCB, can reduce the design complexity in the actual design.

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