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What Are The Substrate Materials for Printed Circuit Board?

Sep 12, 2017

Selecting suitable PCB Board substrate materials can not only improve the performance of products, but also ensure the quality. Well, what are the substrate materials for Printed Circuit Board?

Printed circuit board substrate materials are divided into two major categories: 1. organic substrate, including phenolic resin, glass fiber, epoxy resin and so on. 2. inorganic substrate, including inorganic metal substrate, ceramic plate and so on. Metal substrate can achieve a large area of SMT processing and has good performance characteristics of good mechanical properties, good heat dissipation, shielding electromagnetic wave. Ceramic substrates have good electrical insulation properties, it also has high thermal conductivity, excellent solderability, high adhesion strength and high current carrying capacity.

PCB board has many kinds of substrate material, each has its own advantages, so it is necessary to select the appropriate substrate material according to the actual use and processing, the you can guarantee the final product forming quality. We produce quality Communication PCB, industry PCB, power supply PCB with best price. More information, pls feel free to contact us: info@hyytech.com.

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