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How About the Wiring Arrangements Between the Printed Circuit Board Components?

Nov 15, 2017

There is no cross circuit in Printed Circuit Board, drilling and winding two methods can be used for intersecting lines. Resistors, diodes, tubular capacitors and other components have vertical, horizontal two installation methods. The advantage is the mechanical strength of the installation is better. The two different mounting elements, China PCB Board components hole spacing is not the same. Proximity to the primary circuit should be as close as possible. And the circuit of the powersupply filter capacitor will be in the class to access locations. This method is stable and difficult to self excitation. The total wire must be arranged strictly according to the principle of high frequency, low level and weak to strong power in order, must comply with this provision. High current lead should be as wide as possible to reduce the wiring resistance and its voltage drop, which can reduce the self excitation generated by parasitic coupling. We are professional Communication PCB Manufacturer for many years. 

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