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How To Check Whether the Printed Circuit Board Has Been Damaged Artificially or Not?

Nov 17, 2017

Observe whether the Printed Circuit Board has been artificially damaged or not, mainly from the following aspects:

1.To see whether the Automobile PCB was broken, leading to the plate angle deformation, or the chip was broken.

2.Observe the socket of the chip to see if it is forced to pry because there is no professional tool.

3.Observe the chip on the printed circuit board, if you have a socket, first to observe whether the chip is inserted wrong, this is mainly to prevent the operator to repair the printed circuit board when the position or direction of the chip inserted wrong. If the error is not corrected in time, when the printed circuit board is energized, it may burn the chip, resulting in unnecessary losses.

4.If the short terminal is attached to the PCB board, observe whether the short terminal is inserted wrong or not. 

PCB Board maintenance requires solid theoretical foundation, careful work.

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