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The Optimization Method of High Speed Signal in PCB Board Design

Nov 29, 2017

Taking the LVDS as an example, LVDS low amplitude and low drive current output to achieve low noise and low power consumption. the optimization method of high speed signal in PCB Board design is as follows:  

1.In the form of multilayer structure. 

2.Control the impedance of transmission line. The impedance requirements of all kinds of differential lines are different. According to the Communication PCB design requirements, the differential impedance and the corresponding line width spacing are calculated by impedance software, and set to the constraint manager. 

3.Follow the principle of tight coupling. In order to reduce the loss, the high speed differential line can be added to the hole in the vicinity of the change hole.

4.The line is as short and straight as possible. The radiation intensity of signal is directly proportional to the length of the signal line.

5.The receiver’s matching resistance should be as close as possible to the receiving pin.

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