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Is It Need To Consider Integrity of the Signal If PCB Board Signal Rate Is Not High?

Oct 17, 2017

For high rate PCB Board, such as the current DDR3, 10Gbps ate interface, people will pay great attention to signal integrity issues. But if the Printed Circuit Board signal rate is not high, do we need to consider the problem of signal integrity? This is a common problem.

First we must know the root of the problem and our purpose. The signal integrity problems arose, the main reason is because the signal edge rate is too fast, the signal contains lots of high frequency components, when the interconnection channel is not ideal, these factors affect the components of distorted signal, may cause the resulting data receiving error. 

If the speed signal is low, but has fast edge rate, it can also cause serious signal integrity problems. 

Signal integrity problem does not have much relationship with speed of the circuit. Our purpose is to control the risk, try not to make the Communication PCB out of the question, so various factors affect the signal should be considered. 

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