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China PCB Manufacturer Needs to Improve Their Technology

Aug 10, 2017

Although China's PCB industry has made great progress, so far there is still a big gap compared with the advanced countries, and there is still much room for improvement and promotion in the future for China PCB Manufacturer. First of all, China's access to the PCB industry late, there is no specialized Printed Circuit Board R & D institutions, in some new technology R & D capability and foreign manufacturers have a larger gap. Secondly, from the product structure point of view, is still in the middle and low plate production based, although FPC, HDI and other rapid growth, but due to the small base, the proportion is still not high. Thirdly, most of our PCB production equipment relies on imports, some of the core raw materials can only rely on imports, and the incomplete industrial chain also hinders the development of domestic PCB series enterprises.

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