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After Moore's Law, Where Should The PCB Go? High Precision Circuit Board?

Jun 08, 2017

It is already a long time when we improve the craft of High Precision Circuit Board, in the post-Moore law era, to accelerate the integration of the electronics industry chain is imperative, Apple's iPhone A11 InFo WLP and Apple Watch S1 SiP is the best witness of this trend. This is also the PCB practitioners in the post-Moore era should see and follow. Whether the Fan-Out WLP class carrier board or SiP carrier board, they both need to use MSAP and SAP and other similar fine line processing technology, so the current development direction of the PCB industry should be relatively clear, is the development of MSAP and SAP fine line processing technology. At the same time, in view of the current trend of integration of the electronics manufacturing industry is obvious, the integration of SMT placement technology (Picking and Placing Machine) and PCB manufacturing technology embedded components technology will be synchronized development, our PCB industry long-term focus on the object, which is also the direction China PCB Exporter should work in.


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