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Heavy Copper PCB Makes Copper Foil Get Great Development

May 26, 2017

Thick copper foil and ultra-thick copper foil is a special kind of PCB with copper foil in Heavy Copper PCB. In addition to its conventional electrolytic copper foil performance, it has a special performance requirement as a conductive layer or a core heat dissipating metal layer for high current substrates. These special performance requirements are to meet the application conditions from its downstream products, processing conditions and so on. For its application performance requirements, the most prominent performance in the thick copper conductive circuit can be stable through the big electric current, and it has better distribution by the load of high current generated in the substrate of high-calorie characteristics.

In recent years, with the thick copper printed circuit board applications to expand, production and sales increase, thick copper foil sales have been significantly improved.

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Heavy Copper PCB

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