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Which Layout of PCB Board Is Better?

May 22, 2017

When the system layout of PCB board is completed,review the PCB map to see if the layout of the system is reasonable,whether to achieve the best results or not.      

So,please look here:

1.You need a comprehensive understanding and planning of the direction of the signal,power and ground network.

2.Is the printed board size conforming to the machined drawings, to the requirements of the PCB manufacturing process,and whether or not there is a mark.This requires a special attention,a lot of PCB board layout and wiring are designed very beautifully and reasonably,but inadvertently locate the precise positioning of the connector,resulting the circuit can not connect other circuit docking.

3.Ensure install components in the two-dimensional,three-dimensional space without conflict.In the welding-free layout of the components,the height of the general can not exceed 3mm.

4.Is the distribution of components in a well-ordered,neat arrangement,whether all cloth finished.In the layout of the components,not only to consider the direction of the signal and the type of signal,the place need to pay attention or protect,but also consider the overall density.

5.Whether the components can be easily replaced,whether the plug-in board is easy to insert the device.

6.When setting the RF section,pay special attention,to avoid radio frequency interfering with other components,one side must be isolated.

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