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What is The Best Welding Methods of Printed Circuit Board?

May 18, 2017

Here we introduce several better welding methods of Printed Circuit Board:

1.Dip tin effect: solder and copper mixture of molecules to form a new part of copper, part is solder alloy, this solvent is called dip tin. The formation of good intermolecular bond is the core of PCB soldering process, which determines the strength and quality of PCB solder joints. 

2.Surface tension: everyone is familiar with the surface tension of water, which forces the cold water droplets on the coated metal plate of the grease to remain spherical, since in this case the adhesion of the liquid on the solid surface tends to diffuse less than its cohesion. 

3.Dip tin angle: when the eutectic point temperature of the solder is higher than about 35°C, when a drop of solder is placed on the surface of the hot coated PCB board, a meniscus is formed. To some extent, the ability to dip tin of PCB metal surface can be assessed by the shape of the meniscus. 

4.The formation of metal alloy copolymer: welding less heat can form a fine crystal structure, so that the PCB Board with the best strength of excellent welding points. 

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