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Introduction of Automobile PCB And Prevention of Its Defect

May 16, 2017

In today's PCB focus on the application of objects, automobile PCB occupies an important position. However, due to the special working environment of the car, safety and high current requirements of the characteristics of its PCB reliability, environmental adaptability and other requirements are high, involving a wide range of PCB technology. The following provides a representative part of the professional production of automotive PCB enterprises in the testing process of some special practices for your reference:
1, the second test method
Part of the PCB production enterprises to adopt the "second test method" to improve the first high-voltage electrical breakdown defect rate.
2, bad board foolproof test system
More and more PCB manufacturers in the light board test machine installed a "good board marking system" and "bad board anti-box" to effectively avoid the loss of man-made. Good board marking system for the test machine to test the PASS board to identify, can effectively prevent the test board or bad board flow to the customer hands. Bad board error box for the test process, test out the PASS board, the test system output box to open the signal; the other hand, test the bad board, the box closed, so that the operator correctly placed the test circuit board.
3, comparison test method
Some customers use two different batches of PCB models to compare the test, and track the corresponding batch of PPm situation, so as to understand the performance of the two test machines, and thus select the better performance of the test machine to test the automotive PCB.

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