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How Long Is The Shelf Life of PCB?

May 04, 2017

After completion of manufacturing Printed Circuit Board, there is a shelf life, more than the shelf life of the PCB, it need to bake, or else it is easy to make PCB blast plate in the SMT on-line production. PCB storage time, and the use of industrial baking oven baking the PCB temperature and time are all with industry standards.

About PCB Board unpacking and storage:

1.PCB board seal is not opened, within manufacturing date 2 months can be directly on-line use.

2.PCB manufacturing date in 2 month, must be marked after unpacking date.

3.PCB manufacturing date in 2 month, after unpacking it must be completed on-line use within 5 days.

For the preservation of PCB time, baking time temperature, specific problems should to do specific analysis, on the basis of PCB control norms, you choose it according to the different manufacturers of production capacity, technology, geographical and seasonal.

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