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Printed Circuit Board Industry Status

Apr 18, 2017

Benefiting from the turn of terminal new products and new markets, the global PCB market has successfully recovered and grew. According to the analysis data of Prismark Company and the report issued by Xingye Securities R & D Center, the changes of PCB application structure and product structure reflect the future development trend of the industry. To accompany the single/double-sided board, multi-layer board output value, HDI board, the increase in the output value of the package board and the soft board indicates that the growth of the communication PCBcomputer motherboard, automobile PCB and other fields is slower, and the HDI board, packaging board and soft board for the high-end mobile phone, notebook computer and so on, will also maintain rapid growth.

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North America

The American PCB Association (IPC) announced that North America's total printed circuit board manufacturers to receive a single shipment ratio (Book-to-bill ratio) to 0.95, meaning that each shipment of 100 dollars of the month products, will only receive a value of 95 dollars of new orders. The B/B value is below 1 for the 5th consecutive month, and the industry boom in North America has not recovered substantially.



Japan earthquake short-term impact part of the PCB supply of raw materials, long-term conducive to the transfer of capacity to Taiwan and mainland

  • High-end PCB manufacturers accelerate the expansion of the continent, technology, capacity and order to transfer to the mainland is the trend

  • The time of Taiwan Electronic newspaper reported that Japan supply chain fracture, China, Korea PCB board factory will be a big winner



  • Taiwan Institute of Industrial Research (IEK) Analysts, benefiting from the overall global economic recovery and the rising consumer support of emerging countries, the Taiwan PCB industry in 2011 is expected to grow 29% global capacity to further shift China's investment consultant analysis report that China's printed circuit board industry in the domestic growth and global capacity continued to shift in the situation, will enter the high growth period. By 2014, China's printed circuit board industry accounted for the global share will increase to 41.92%.

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