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Copper Plating Process of Heavy Copper PCB

Apr 10, 2017

In Heavy Copper PCB copper plating process, we must monitor parameters regularly, often cause unnecessary losses due to subjective and objective reasons. To do good job on thick copper plating process, we must do the following aspects: 

1.According to the calculated area value of computer, combined with the actual accumulation of experience constant, add a certain value.

2.According to calculated current value, to ensure the integrity of the hole coating, it must be in the original current value add impact current value, then back to the original value in short time.

3.When the Printed Circuit Board plating up to 5 minutes, take out the substrate to observe whether the surface and the copper layer wall is complete or not?

4.Between the substrate, there must maintain a certain distance.

5.When the thickened copper plating reaches the required plating time, during the removal of the substrate, ensure the amount current and no darkening occurs on the substrate surface.

Heavy Copper PCB

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