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How To Control Heavy Copper PCB Quality?

Apr 07, 2017

The main purpose of Heavy Copper PCB is to ensure there has sufficiently thick copper coating in the hole, so the resistance value is within the range of the process requirements. We should do good job on pre-plating preparation and plating treatment. Then how to thicken copper quality?

1.Accurately calculate the plating area and refer to the actual production process on the current impact, determine the current required value rightly, master the current changes in electroplating process, to ensure the stability of electroplating process parameters. 

2.Before plating, use debugging board for plating, resulting in the tank in the active state. 

3.Determine the direction of the total current flow, then determine the order of the hanging plate, in principle, should be used form far to near. And ensure the current distribution of any surface uniformity.

4.Ensure the uniformity of the coating in the hole and the consistency of the coating thickness, in addition to the use of mixing filtration process measures, also need impact current. 

5.Regularly monitor current changes in the plating process to ensure that the current value reliability and stability.

6.Check whether the thickness of the hole copper coating meets the technical requirements. 

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