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What is The Difference Between PCB And FPC?

Apr 05, 2017

PCB is also known as Printed Circuit Board, because it is made of electronic printing, it is an important electronic components, and it is the support and electrical connection provider of electronic components. Flexible PCB, is also known as flexible circuit board, flexible and rigid flex. Mobile phone cable is FPC. PCB include FPC, FPC belongs PCB category. 

Speaking in process, FPC does not have graphics plating bar basically, PCB Board has graphics plating except direct erosion. In addition, PCB resistance welding is a printing ink, and most of the FPC are used laminated covering membrane. Speaking in design, FPC is more complex than PCB. PCB is hard, FPC is soft, FPC has a certain flexibility, high bent, relatively thin and small volume. FPC mainly take the positive process, that is after the first etching stripping, but PCB is more negative process, need first and second copper plating, then stripping etching.

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