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PCB Assembly Testing Procedures and Service

Mar 30, 2017

HYY supply printed circuit board, power supply PCB and PCB Assembly services. We are dedicated to manufacturing rigid and flex printed circuit board assembly. We handle everything including making PCB board, ordering components, order tracking online, final assembly and quality inspection. You can order Printed Circuit Board or its parts, we can fix the remaining for you. We have excellent equipment and technology to place the commonly parts. We use automated process to place parts on your PCB board as far as possible according to your CAD data. Parts positioning generally be verified with automatic optical inspection. Its testing procedure is that before the final shipment, doing various testing for PCB assembled boards. About visual inspection, generally is quality check. X-ray inspection is checking for QFN, BGA and bare printed circuit board. We also do AOI inspection, ICT test and functional inspection. 

PCB Assembly

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