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Ten Points Should Pay Attention in PCB Designing

Mar 24, 2017

When designing Printed Circuit Board, we should pay attention to the following points:

1.Wiring direction: the arrangement of PCB components as much as possible consistent with the schematic diagram, the wiring direction is the best consistent with the direction of PCB board diagram alignment.

2.The components arrangement and distribution should reasonable and uniform, strive to neat, beautiful, rigorous structure of the process requirements. 

3.Resistance and diode placement divided into two kinds of flat and vertical, you can choose the available one according to the condition. And the IC seat placement principle.

4.Access terminal layout: associated with the two terminals do not have too much distance, into and out of the line as much as possible in 1-2 side, not too scattered.

5.When designing wiring diagram, you should pay attention to the order of the pin, the component feet spacing should be reasonable.

6.In order to ensure the property requirements of PCB Board, designing should strive to be reasonable, less use of external cross-line, and according to a certain requirements of line, easy to install and maintenance.

7.Wiring diagram as little corner as possible to make the line simple and clear.

8.The design should be carried out in a certain order.

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