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How to Make a Printed Circuit Board with Photosensitive Ink?

Mar 06, 2017

With the development of surface mount technology and assembly technology, the requirement for fineness of Printed Circuit Board is increasing, the traditional dry films is unable to meet the above requirement, photosensitive ink has the following significant advantages:

1.Excellent effect on the development, stability, little disconnection when developing, not like other panels broke line often.

2.Exposure is similar to fool.

3.To prevent the bubble, because it is liquid, photosensitive blue oil coated on the copper plate will fill its surface after the uneven small defects, after drying into a solid, so there has no bubble problem. 

4.High precision, no need high-end equipment to make 0.2mm width line.

5.Low cost, 1 ml of photosensitive blue oil can make a single-sided circuit board of 10 * 15CM size.

6.High efficiency, made of photosensitive plate for sale.

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