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Industrial PCB Design and Prototype Service

Feb 27, 2017

We focus on manufacturing Industrial PCB, PCB assembly, printed circuit board with professional teams and cutting edge technologies. HYY Company supply unique solutions that match your industrial PCB assembly and prototype customers’ requirement. HYY providing best custom low cost, low volumes industrial PCB manufacturing facility.

Industrial PCB focused on high complexity and mechanical Printed Circuit Board assembly, it has lower product volumes.

Need higher technologies and make strong usage of Techno Tronix vertical capabilities.

PCB manufacturing and custom electronic industrial equipment.

CNC/VMC industrial machinery PCB assembly.

Pneumatic components and weight scales PCB manufacturing.

Flow meter PCB low volume electronics device PCB manufacturing.

Audio equipment mass production.

Industrial PCB

Today is 2nd February, Dragon Heads-raising Day, hope everything goes well with everyone in 2017.

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