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Power Supply PCB Design and Layout

Feb 24, 2017

HYY Company is printed circuit board supplier and also can provide custom Power Supply PCB design. PCB design is an important stage in power supply development. The switch of large current are big orders of magnitude than sensitive control signal currents for control the supply. Mixture these large currents with small control currents will result in misbehavior. In addition, it is a critical factor in reducing output and input noise. Usage of multi-layer PCB is necessary for high performance power supply to help accommodate some issues. When design is not high performance and design is low cost in consumer products, you can use two layer PCB, otherwise, the cost advantage of using two layer board is counteracted by performance that can not meet specifications usually.

We supply power electronic PCB design include PCB layout tools. Welcome to contact us: info@hyytech.com.

Power Supply PCB

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