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Medical PCB Description

Feb 22, 2017

There requires a vast level technology in medical field with high extreme reliability and long term life cycles. Medical PCB can be used in hospitals, dental facilities, doctor’s office, ambulance services, special care facilities, rescue and so on. We except produce medical PCB, industry PCB, and also manufacturer Power Supply PCB, consumer PCB and custom boards, such as ultrasound PCBs, that ensure the medical equipment work perfectly. Copper, aluminum substrates, high speed laminates and extensive coating options bring maximum flexibility for medical device manufacturer. Examples of medical printed circuit board applications:

1. Blood Glucose Monitors, Blood Pressure Monitors.

2. CT scan systems, computed tomography.

3. EMG activity system, infusion fluid controls.

4. Flow rate and dispensing systems, telemedicine systems.

5. Electrical muslce stimulation equipment.

Medical PCB

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