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Surface Treatment Technology of Hybrid PCB

Feb 20, 2017

Hybrid PCB surface treatment technology refers to the PCB components and electrical connection point form a layer with the matrix of the mechanical, physical and chemical property of the different surface methods. It is to ensure PCB good solderability or electrical performance. As copper in the air tend to exist in the form of oxides, which affect the PCB solderability and electrical properties seriously, so it need surface treatment.

The industry common surface treatment technology mainly has: hot air leveling, sink chemical nickel gold, the whole plate plating nickel gold, organic coating, silver, etc. These methods are widely used, but all have their limitations. For example, hot air leveling tin surface is not flat, not suitable for HDI board placement process. The surface of organic coating treatment is smooth, welding performance is strong, but not wear, not suitable for key position of the HDI products. The usage of mixed surface treatment technology can learn from each other, comprehensive various technologies advantages and solve these deficiencies effectively.

Hybrid PCB

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