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Several Classification of Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Feb 11, 2017

At present, the flexible Printed Circuit Board mainly has four types: single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer and rigid flexible circuit board. The flexible circuit of mixed structure is a multilayer board, and the conductive layer is made of different metals.

1. Single-sided flexible board is the lowest cost, is the PCB which has not high performance requirement. In single sided wiring, you should use single-sided flexible board.

2. Double-sided flexible plate has a layer of conductive pattern in the insulating base film on both sides of each layer. The metallized hole forms a conductive path on both sides of the insulating material to meet the flexible design and usage function.

3. Multi-layer flexible board is three or more layers of single sided or double sided flexible circuit laminated together by drilling forms metal plated holes, and forms a conductive path between different layers. This do not need complex welding process.

4. Traditional rigid and flexible plates are composed of rigid and flexible substrates that are selectively laminated together. The structure is compact and forms a conductive connection with a metal hole.

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