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PCB Surface Treatment Process Characteristics and Usage

Feb 07, 2017

With the human living environment for the continuous improvement, current PCB production process involved in environmental problems is particularly prominent. The current topic of lead and bromine is the most popular, lead-free and halogen-free in many ways will affect the development of PCB. Although the current situation, PCB surface treatment process changes are not great, it seems relatively remote things, we should pay attention to it: long term slow changes will lead to huge changes. In the case of increasing high environmental protection calls, PCB surface treatment process will certainly change in the future. The most basic purpose of surface treatment is to ensure good solderability or electrical properties. Since the nature of cooper in the air tends to exist in the form of oxides, is unlikely keep original copper for long term, so it need to do other treatment for copper. There are five common PCB surface treatment process, hot air leveling, organic coating, electroless nickel/immersion gold, immersion silver and immersion tin.

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