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Electroplating Technology Exchange of Printed Circuit Board

Jan 24, 2017

Electroplating process classified into acid bright copper plating, electroplating nickel/gold, electroplating tin and so on. Among it, plating gold divided into electroplating hard gold(gold alloy) and water gold(pure gold) process, hard gold and soft gold plating bath composition is basically the same, but trace metal nickel or cobalt or iron element is more in hard gold tank.

1. Purpose and role: gold as a precious metal, has good solderability, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, contact resistance, good wear resistance alloy and other fine features.

2. Currently Printed Circuit Board gold plating is mainly the gold tank bath of citric acid, it gain widely application because of its simple maintenance and operation.

3. Gold cylinder organic pollution applications carbon core continuous filtration, and add appropriate gold plated additives.

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